Summit County Tax Grant Information

Summit County provides annual grants to local non-profit and governmental entities based off revenue from specific sales tax initiatives. These grants help fund various projects that aim to improve the quality of life for residents as well as expand tourist interest and investment in the County. In 2016, over $3 million in grants were awarded to approved projects and programs.

There are three different grants available from the County on an annual basis. Generally, applications are available on March 1st with a submittal deadline of March 31st. Grant committees then review and score proposed projects for their individual merits and determine which are to receive grants. These monies are often awarded in July with the anticipation that the project will be completed within the next twelve (12) months.

The following is a brief synopsis of each grant with a link to a dedicated webpage with additional detail:

Non-Profit Grants
Generally, applications are available during the month of July. Funding is determined during the County’s budget process in December. Awarded grants to non-profit entities are distributed the following year.

Recreation, Arts & Parks – Cultural Grant (RAP)
Projects and programs funded by this grant have included art education, dance, history, music, visual arts, theatre, folk arts, and more.

Recreation, Arts & Parks (RAP - Recreation Grant
Projects and programs funded by this grant have included park development, walking paths, exercise programs, and more. Applications are available every two years during the month of September. Monies are generally awarded the following February.

Restaurant Tax Grant
The intent of this grant is to assist governmental and non-profit entities with tourism promotion and/or development, operation, and maintenance projects and programs that bring tourism in from outside of the County.

Special Events Grant
Qualifying projects for this grant must strive to enhance the business and social community of Park City and the greater Summit County area.

Please follow the links to each specific grant option for further information and with details on how to apply for grant opportunities.