Eastern Summit County Planning District

Planning Commission Agenda and Staff Reports

Planning Commission Agenda and Staff Reports for each meeting are made available online on the Friday preceding the meeting.

The Planning Commission meets regularly on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month.

 1st Thursday meetings are held at: 3rd Thursday meetings are held at:
Kamas City Offices
170 North Main St.
Kamas, UT 84036
Summit County Courthouse
60 North Main St.
Coalville, UT 84017

Proposed Changes to Eastern Summit County Development Code & Zoning Map

Summit County is currently considering amendments to the Official Zoning Map of Eastern Summit County and amendments to the Eastern Summit County Development Code.

​Draft Development Code Changes

The proposed amendments are revisions to the Eastern Summit County Development Code:

Chapter 4: Development Review Processes and Procedures

and the creation of new zoning districts including:

Agricultural-1 (AG-1) Zone
Agricultural-6 (AG-6) Zone
Agricultural-20 (AG-20) Zone
Rural Residential (RR) Zone
Residential Subdivision (RS) Zone
Recreation Commercial (RC) Zone

Draft Zoning Comparison Map (Interactive)
Draft Zoning Map (Click to enlarge)
Proposed Zoning 2-12-16-c
  1. General Plan
  2. Planning Commission
Governing Documents
There are 2 governing documents that guide any area's growth and development:

The General Plan describes the "big picture" citizens envision for their community. Using the General Plan as a guide, the Development Code is written to regulate how new development and redevelopment of existing areas can be done so that, over time, the citizens' vision is realized.