Entrepreneurs have always been an important part of Summit County. People undertaking business ventures, taking advantage of the region’s land features, natural resource endowments or placement on travel routes were the County’s first residents.

Despite the millions of influences that affect the County’s growth and diversification, nothing would happen if it weren’t for individuals making entrepreneurial decisions to hire, invest or innovate.

Summit County is dedicated to helping the regions entrepreneurs make informed decisions about starting and growing their businesses.

If you would like to discuss starting a new business in the Summit County, please call 435-336-3221 or email Jeffrey B. Jones, AICP to set up an appointment.

 Additional Resources

Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation

The Ice House Entrepreneurship Program

The Gallup Entrepreneur Acceleration System

Edward Lowe Foundation

The Center for Rural Entrepreneurship

Starting a Business in Utah

Utah Chamber of Commerce

Directory of Utah Businesses

Rural Development

Business Incubators & Resources

PandoLabs: Park City, UT

Kimball Junction Business Association

Park City Chamber of Commerce & Convention & Visitors Bureau

Park City Business Resource Center

Utah Department of Workforce Services


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