Summit County Fairgrounds Master Plan 



Summit County is engaging in a redevelopment and expansion of the County Fairground property. The goals of this project are as follows: 
1. Replace and improve functionally and structurally outdated buildings.
2. Replace and improve utility infrastructure.
3. Improve year-round utilization of Fairground and recreation activities.


An Open House presenting the Preferred Alternative was held on September 29th from 6-8 p.m. at the Quonset Hut. The Preferred Alternative was developed based on feedback from the public and the project's steering committee on the four alternatives presented in August. If you missed the meeting, check out the Preferred Alternative (click here) and send us your comments via the comment form on this page or by sending them to


Four alternatives for the Summit County Fairgrounds Master Plan were presented in the Summit County booth during the Fair on August 12-13th. To download a copy of these Alternatives, click on link under "Public Meetings." Comments and feedback can be submitted using the comment form on this page (bottom right) or by sending them to We look forward to hearing your thoughts!


Project Schedule (Revised - 25 August 2016)
Existing Conditions Maps & Photos


Alternatives Review - August 12-13 (County Fair)

Existing Conditions
Fairgrounds Alternatives

Preferred Alternative Open House - 

Sept. 29th, 6 p.m. 

Preferred Alternative and Phasing Plan


Meeting #1 - June 2, 2016, 9 a.m.

Committee Meeting #1 Agenda
Committee Meeting #1 Notes

Meeting #2 - June 23, 2016, 10 a.m.

Committee Meeting #2 Agenda
Committee Meeting #2 Notes


Mark Vlasic  or Jenny Hale 
Landmark Design 
Phone: 801-474-3300 



Since the late 1940’s the Summit County Fair has been held in Coalville and has become a signature County event that not only provides an opportunity to showcase the livestock and farming traditions, but a time for residents and visitors to come together as an extended community. Over the years the Fair has expanded and the 18-acre site is unable to accommodate the burgeoning event. Recently, the County decided to purchase land adjacent to the current fairgrounds, north of Chalk Creek, and has allocated approximately five million dollars for development and improvements including better parking accommodations, redesigning poorly-performing aspects of the site, and integrating the fairgrounds as part of a new and engaging park setting. It is anticipated that the project will start in 2016 with the new fairgrounds being complete and ready for use at the 2018 County Fair.  

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