Wednesday, April 5, 2017

NOTICE is hereby given that the Summit County Council will meet in session

Wednesday, April 5, 2017, at the Summit County Courthouse,

60 North Main Street, Coalville, UT 84017

(All times listed are general in nature, and are subject to change by the Council Chair)

1:45 PM Closed Session – Personnel (30 min); Property acquisition (60 min)

3:15 PM Work Session

  1. Discussion regarding emergency procedures; Sergeant Ed Wilde (60 min)

  2. 4:15 PM - Move into Council Chambers (10 min)

  3. 4:25 PM - Discussion regarding Park City School District building and 2017 bonding plans; Phil Kaplan (15 min)   PCSD Bond Briefing

    4:40 PM Convene as the Board of Equalization

  1. Discussion and possible approval of primary properties, and non-primary properties; Ashley Berry (10 min)   List of properties

    Dismiss as the Board of Equalization

    4:50 PM Consideration of Approval

  1. Pledge of Allegiance

  2. Consideration and possible approval of tax refund of $20.52 regarding parcel CD-431-1-M; Ashley Berry  Request for refund

  3. Consideration and possible approval of May Tax Sale proposed payment plan (WV-49); Kathryn Rockhill, Auditor’s Office    Proposed payment plan

  4. Advice and consent of County Manager’s recommendation to appoint member to Public Arts Program and Advisory Board   Appointment

  5. Council Comments

  6. Manager Comments

  7. Council Minutes dated March 15, 2017, March 22, 2017, and March 29, 2017

  8. 6:00 PM - Deliberation and possible approval of Resolution 2017-04, a Resolution of the County Council (the “County Council”) of Summit County, Utah (the “County”), Designating a Voluntary Assessment Area for the Purpose of (i) Levying Assessments Against Properties Within the Assessment Areas to Finance the Construction and Installation of Sanitary Sewer and Related Improvements, (ii) Estimating the Amount of the Assessments to be Levied and the Method or Methods of Assessments and (iii) Generally Describing the Period Over Which the Assessments are to be Paid and the Manner in Which the County Intends to Finance said Improvements; and Related Matters; Rich Bullough, Dave Thomas, Randy Larsen    Resolution 2017-04

  9. Deliberation and possible approval of Ordinance 869, an Ordinance Confirming the Assessment List and Levying an Assessment Against Certain Properties in the Silver Creek Sewer Voluntary Assessment Area (the “Assessment Area”) to Finance the Costs of Construction and Installing Sanitary Sewer Improvements and Releated Improvements, to Complete Said Improvements in a Proper and Workmanlike Manner (Collectively, the “Improvements”); Providing for Certain Remedies Upon Default in the Payment of Assessments; Establishing the Effective Date of this Ordinance; and Related Matters; Rich Bullough, Dave Thomas, Randy Larsen    Ordinance 869

    6:15 PM Public Input

    Continued Public Hearing and possible adoption of Ordinance No. 868, Amending the Eastern Summit County Development Code, Title 11, Chapter 4: Development Review Processes and Procedures and Appendix A: Definitions; Pat Putt    Staff Report and Ordinance No. 868

    One or more members of the County Council may attend by electronic means, including telephonically or by Skype. Such members may fully participate in the proceedings as if physically present. The anchor location for purposes of the electronic meeting is the Council Chambers and Conference room, Summit County Courthouse, 60 N. Main, Coalville, Utah

    Individuals with questions, comments, or needing special accommodations pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act regarding this meeting may contact Annette Singleton at (435) 336-3025, (435) 615-3025 or (435) 783-4351 ext. 3025

    Posted: March 31, 2017; Amended April 3, 2017