Wednesday, October 10, 2018

NOTICE is hereby given that the Summit County Council will meet in session

Wednesday, October 10, 2018, at the Summit County Courthouse,

60 North Main Street, Coalville, UT 84017

(All times listed are general in nature, and are subject to change by the Council Chair)

2:30 PM Closed Session – Property acquisition (60 min)

3:30 PM - Move to Council Chambers

3:40 PM – Pledge of Allegiance

3:45 PM Convene as the Board of Equalization

1) Discussion and possible approval of 2018 stipulations; Kathryn Rockhill and Steve Martin (10 min)  List of Stipulations

Dismiss as the Board of Equalization

3:55 PM Work Session

1) Discussion regarding appropriate uses within County Right-Of-Way, and Franchise Agreements; Michael Kendell (30 min)   Staff Report

2) 4:25 PM - Summit County Manager’s 2019 budget message and presentation to the Council; Tom Fisher and Matt Leavitt (45 min)  2019 Budget Recommendations

5:10 PM Consideration of Approval

1) Consideration and possible amendment of Summit County Employee Chart of Positions – Health Department; Cindy Keyes and Carolyn Rose   Staff Report

2) Discussion and possible approval of Grant Agreement between Summit County and the Community For Children’s Justice dba Friends of the Summit County Children’s Justice Center; Margaret Olson  Grant Agreement   Master Lease Agreement   Storage Facility Lease

3) Advice and consent of County Manager's recommendation to appoint members to the County Fair Advisory Board     Appointments

4) Council Comments

5) Manager Comments

6) Council Minutes dated September 19, 2018, and September 26, 2018

6:00 PM Public Input

Public hearing to discuss and possibly take action regarding a rezone of Lots 3 and 4 of the Red Onion Subdivision from Agriculture - 5 (AG-5) to Commercial (C) located at 2135 South 50 East, Wanship Utah, and possible adoption of Ordinance No. 888, an Ordinance Amending the Eastern Summit County Zone District Map; Ray Milliner   Staff Report and Ordinance No. 888

One or more members of the County Council may attend by electronic means, including telephonically or by Skype. Such members may fully participate in the proceedings as if physically present. The anchor location for purposes of the electronic meeting is the Council Chambers and Conference room, Summit County Courthouse, 60 N. Main, Coalville, Utah

Individuals with questions, comments, or needing special accommodations pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act regarding this meeting may contact Annette Singleton at (435) 336-3025, (435) 615-3025 or (435) 783-4351 ext. 3025

Posted: October 5, 2018; Amended October 9, 2018