County Lands & Natural Resources 

Summit County Lands & Natural Resources

The Summit County Lands & Natural Resource Department provides leadership in organizing and implementing the County Council’s strategic vision for land and natural resource management for Summit County. The Department promotes progressive land stewardship, practical project development, accurate land and water right ownership information for the greater County organization and collaborative guidance with habitat, regional land use connectivity, forest health and watershed resilience.  

As a collaborative partner, the department provides direction and guidance for the identification, protection and management of Summit County land to preserve and promote the rural mountain character, unique natural areas and superior quality of life for residents and visitors. 


  • Administers the inventory, planning and management of Summit County governed public lands, agriculture protection areas, conservation easements and water rights
  • Serves as the natural resource agency and regional land liaison for the County
  • Facilitates land management related collaboration between relevant stakeholders,to promote crossboundary landscape scale forest health and watershed restoration efforts
  • Identifies funding opportunities, prepares applications and proposals to facilitation for fuel reduction and watershed restoration efforts 
  • Organizes and manages the activities of Summit County Open Space Advisory Boards (OSAC, BOSAC & ESAP) on all matters related to meeting the Council’s objectives in open space and agricultural preservation

Current Projects


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