OSAC - Open space Advisory Committee


The Summit County Open Space Advisory Committee (“OSAC”) is created for the purpose of advising and providing recommendations to the County Manager regarding the identification, preservation, and acquisition of open space, agricultural protection areas, and conservation easements in regards to the 2021 $50 Million General Obligation BondInterested landowners are encouraged to fill out a Notice of Intent (NOI)

Does My Property Qualify for Bond Funding?

Evaluation Criteria for OSAC Bond Funds: 

Each Regional Advisory Group crafted evaluation criteria to be used by OSAC to evaluate NOI properties. OSAC has adapted the criteria as stated below. Regional Map

North Summit:

  • Water:  Does the property protect water quality and quantity? 
  • Development Pressure: Does the protection of property offset development pressure? 
  • Agriculture Preservation:  Does the property provide an ongoing opportunity for farming/ranching/grazing? 
  • Wildlife Corridors and Habitat:  Does the property connect or provide a corridor with other protected areas, or protect wildlife habitat? 
  • Protected Viewshed:  Does the property protect a  viewshed? 
  • Protected Recreation Opportunity:  Does the property protect or provide a recreation opportunity?

South Summit:

  • Water: Does the property protect a  watershed, manage water usage (transportation of water or sources of water), protect wetlands, or protect agricultural use of water on lands?
  • Heritage: Does the property provide an ongoing opportunity for farming/ranching (grazing, crop/hay production), or allow a family farm to stay in family ownership?
  • Growth:  Does the protection of property assist with growth management/mitigation sprawl?
  • Connectivity/ Recreation:  Does the property protect or provide access to transportation trails, recreation trails, agricultural tourism, wildlife/riparian areas, open spaces areas, and access corridors?
  • Leverage Investment:  Does the property have the potential to leverage funds from other entities/ organizations, or bring additional value?

West Summit:

  • Community Benefit and Enhancement:  
    • Does the property prioritize preferred passive recreation opportunities (Park, hiking trails) over active recreation (Downhill mountain bike, sports fields) amenities?     
    • Is the property accessible to underserved and under-resourced populations?    
    • Does the property provide space for small community gatherings?
  • Open Space Enhancement and Connectivity:
    • Is the property adjacent to open space, or does it expand existing open space?    
    • Does the property provide connectivity/corridors between existing open space parcels?    
    • Does the property protect sensitive land, aquatic resources, and wildlife habitat?    
    • Does the property reduce development encroachment into the wildland-urban interface?
  • Governance Considerations:  
    • Does the property leverage other funding sources?   
    • Does the property avoid conflicts with affordable housing initiatives?


OSAC duties allow for advising the County Manager as to the identification, preservation, and acquisition of open space, agricultural protection areas, and conservation easements with respect to the use of the 2021 Summit County Open Space General Obligation Bond funds and any subsequent countywide open space bonds issued hereafter. 


OSAC memberships are appointed by the County Manager on a nonpartisan basis, with the advice and consent of the County Council. Three (3) Regional Advisory Groups (North Summit, South Summit,and West Summit), composed of seven members, were selected. The Regional Advisory Groups each recommend three (3) Members to the County Manager to serve on the OSAC Executive Committee. The OSAC Executive Committee shall be composed of nine (9) Members. All Members shall reside within Summit County, with the Regional Advisory Groups divided by geographical boundaries of their respective area.

OSAC Committee Membership

NameSummit County Region Term Expires
Wesley Siddoway (Chair)South Summit2025
Phares GinesSouth Summit2025
Jan PerkinsSouth Summit2025
Dick StonerNorth Summit2025
Bridget Hayes  (Vice Chair) North Summit2025
Terry DistonNorth Summit2025
Joan CardWest Summit2025
Dorothy AdamsWest Summit2025
Graham AnthonyWest Summit2025

OSAC Meetings, Agenda and Minutes:

OSAC meets on the second and fourth Monday at 5:30 p.m. unless otherwise posted.

Meetings are held with a hybrid option and rotate facilities around the County. The location and zoom link is posted on the Agenda for each meeting.

Agendas, Minutes and Recordings can be found HERE