Weed Division

Current hours of operation

Monday-Thursday 6:30am - 4:00pm we will be closed Fridays and Holidays.

Current Projects

The Summit County Weed Department will continue to monitor, track, and use biological, chemical application to help control the spread of Knap Weed. The South Summit FFA will continue to help with mapping and bio-control in the Kamas Valley.

Noxious Weeds

The Summit County Weed Division is responsible for identifying and eliminating noxious weeds in the county. We are also responsible for educating the public about how to identify and control noxious weeds on their own property. We have identified and classified 34 weeds as noxious.

Please take some time and read the information provided on the website and contact the Weed Division with any comments, suggestions, or questions that you have.

Helpful Resources

Herbicide's We Offer

  • Glyphosate-  2.5 gallon $80.00
  • Weedmaster- 1 gallon $40.00 2.5 gallon $95.00
  • Milestone- 1 Quart $71.00
  • MSM-60 or Escort- 16oz bottle $50.00
  • Surfactant- 1 gallon- $15.00