Maxwell House

The Maxwell & Neel Families

Arthur was born in Peoa in 1864, just 4 years after his parents John and Ellen Russel Maxwell had been sent by Brigham Young to settle the area. John was the only doctor in the area for 30 years. In 1889, Arthur Maxwell purchased 2 acres from John and Clemency Neel for $40.

He had just married Mary Ann Marchant in 1887, and finally they had enough money to build a small house for their growing family. Eight of the 10 children grew up in this home. In 1906, they sold the home for $300 and moved to Tabiona to homestead 160 acres along the river.

Image of the Front of Maxwell House

John and Clemency Neel were also assigned to settle Peoa and arrived in 1861. John was 51 and Clemency 44 years old. They had journeyed across the plains to Utah in 1855, daughter Sarah was born on the way. Mary, their last child was born in June 1861 in Peoa. Clemency served until her death in 1892, as local mid-wife, helping Dr. John Maxwell and probably delivering many of Mary Ann's children.

Adding to Maxwell House

As the Maxwell family grew, additions were made to the small home. Originally a "hall / parlor" floor plan, with the front door opening onto the larger "hall" of the 2 room house, it was typical for shed additions to be made to the rear of the building. In 1933, granddaughter Asa Neel purchased the home for $250, returning the land's ownership to the Neel descendants.

By Karri Dell Hays