Summit County Curbside Opt-In Services

Depending on location, Summit County residents 

have the opportunity to opt-in, at additional cost, to 

receive glass recycling, food waste composting, and 

yard waste collection services. Learn more about each 

of these opt-in, curbside services below. 

Summit County Curbside Yard Waste Program

Republic Services, in partnership with Summit County, is planning to 

launch an opt-in curbside yard waste program in selected locations in 

Summit County in 2024. In order to successfully launch the program, we 

need 3,500 residences in the selected area to opt into the program. 

If the minimum number of sign ups are received, participating 

residents will receive 95-gallon yard waste carts in which they can 

place residential yard waste. The carts will be placed on the curb 

for weekly collection - just like your normal trash bins! 

Spoil to Soil Curbside Composting

For as little as $19 p/m, Spoil to Soil will collect your food waste weekly. 

They take your food scraps to their processor where they will turn it into 

environmentally safe compost.

Momentum Glass Recycling

Momentum Recycling collects your glass monthly, for a cost of $12 p/m. 

There is no sorting required and no need to rinse with water or remove 

labels. All colors of glass are accepted.