910 Ranch acquisition

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On August 24, 2023, the Summit County Council will hold a special meeting to consider the Summit County Manager’s recommendation to approve an option agreement to purchase the 910 Cattle Ranch, an 8,576 acre property north of Jeremy Ranch, for $55 million.

The 910 Ranch is one of the last contiguous mountain ranches privately held by a single landowner in western Summit County and the Snyderville Basin area. The ranch is home to an extraordinary variety of wildlife including birds, large mammals, and fish.

The overall transaction contemplates a four-year option to acquire the property, along with an immediate lease to give the County control of the property during the option period. If approved, Summit County will obtain a three-year option to acquire the 910 for an option fee of $15 million with the right to extend the option for another year for an additional $5 million. The option payments will apply toward the purchase price. In addition, as part of the transaction, the County will obtain immediate control of the 910, pursuant to a $5,000 per month lease that is coterminous with the option agreement.

910 map - updated - 8.24.23

The size and connectivity of the 910 Ranch to surrounding protected lands underscores this property as a natural resource haven for ecological systems, wildlife habitat, recreational opportunity, and local mountain ranching heritage preservation.

While Summit County will obtain immediate control of the property, the area will remain private property until further notice to allow for comprehensive planning; accordingly, the County requests the public to respect the landowner’s private property and remain on East Canyon Road (NE Canyon Rd) while enjoying the area. Opportunities for public guided tours are forthcoming, but hunting will remain unlawful at all times.

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  1. how will summit county preserve this land?

The 8,578 acre property will be preserved for:

  • Wildlife habitat

  • Recreational open space

  • Climate research2023 - County Lands - 910 Property_BE-6

In the meantime, as Summit County works through land use management and planning, please respect this property as PRIVATE PROPERTY. The current land use rules are as follows:

  • Public Access Limited to East Canyon Dirt Road

  • NO Hunting

  • NO unauthorized public

  • Dogs must be leashed or under control by e-collar


The public is encouraged to follow and contribute to the development of the land use and management planning for this property. Please frequent this page for updates!

2023 - County Lands - 910 Property_BE-12


In 1890, Thomas E. Jeremy Jr. started acquiring more than 22,000 acres for use as a family farm and sheep ranching operation. The land was owned and operated by the Jeremy family for four generations from 1860-1979. In 1977, 12,500 acres of the ranch were sold and developed into a championship golf course and residential neighborhood. “Jeremy Ranch” is now a household name among area residents with a clubhouse, an elementary school branded with the historic ranch name, and over 700 single-family homes and 1,000 condominiums.

Thomas E Jeremy Jr.Thomas E. Jeremy Jr. (at front) with his family.

Sheep Jeremy Ranch

A1939 photo showing sheep and lambs in pens at the Jeremy Ranch in Summit County, Utah.

2023 - County Lands - 910 Property_BE-4

The original Jeremy family homestead residence on East Canyon Rd., known as the Jeremy Ranch Stone Cabin, still resides on what is now known as the 910 Cattle Ranch, the remaining acreage from the original Jeremy Ranch footprint. This small stone cabin was was the original residence and used by the Jeremy family each summer while grazing sheep.