Volunteer Ambassador Program

Ambassador Program

Summit County has created the Lands & Natural Resources (L&NR) Volunteer Ambassador Program, to assist the County in educating trail, mountain park, and open space users about responsible and safe recreation by deploying knowledgeable volunteer Ambassadors onto County properties. Summit County has a robust system of trails and open spaces, interconnected with Special Service Districts and City-owned lands, which allow residents and visitors to explore some of the magnificent areas of our County. However, users sometimes lack knowledge required for safe and responsible recreation on these lands. This lack of knowledge can cause the destruction of sensitive ecosystems, confrontations between users, and citations that could have been avoided if the user were better informed.

What is a Volunteer Ambassador Program? 

Ambassadors will document the public's compliance with trespassing, hunting, and other land use restrictions as well as educate users about stewardship goals and ongoing land management activities. The Ambassador Program will supplement L&NR staff by providing additional resources and community outreach on County-owned conservation lands and open spaces.

How often do I have to Volunteer?

Ambassadors are required to commit to serving in the Program for a minimum of eight hours per month for a minimum of six months per year. County employees are exempt from this requirement, other exceptions may be considered.

What are the Ambassador's Responsibilities?

  1. Ambassadors will have a presence both on trails and at trailheads.
  2. Ambassadors will wear a vest to identify themselves while volunteering.
  3. During visits, Ambassadors will engage with users in friendly manner by providing positive reinforcement to encourage good behavior, answering questions, and sharing information as appropriate. 
  4. During visits, Ambassadors will NOT confront any users engaging in illegal activities, such as hunting, on the property.  Rather, Ambassadors will note any relevant details and then share that information with the Summit County Sheriff's Office.
  5. At the end of each patrol, Ambassadors will complete a report, which will include data on user interactions and conditions.

How Do I Become an Ambassador? 

Interested individuals are encouraged to fill out an application form to express interest in the program. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis, or until a maximum of 25 volunteers is met. Candidates will be reviewed by the County to determine eligibility based on availability and interest. Selected candidates will be required to complete an orientation/training administered by the County.

Current Opportunities:  

Ambassadors are being requested to support the 910 Ranch.apply