Water & Well Meters

Summit County Service Area #3, encompassing SIlver Creek Estates, is the government entity charged with road maintenance, trails and parks, and providing water. Our unique water system limits how much water each lot may use. The Service Area owns the water rights for the vast majority of the lots and, depending on which section, have an allocation of .75 acre-foot (244,500 gallons) or 1 acre-foot (326,000 gallons) per year. 

A majority of the lower section lots have water delivered via a piped water system and pay a monthly water fee which includes 20,000 gallons per month. Any water use above that is charged on a tiered schedule per gallon. A handful of lots have a private water right and pay a stand-by fee which would allow those lots to dedicate their private water right to the Service Area and hook-up to the system.

The upper section consists of privately drilled wells. Properties with wells have an allotment of up to 1.0 acre-feet of the Service Area’s water rights.  When the Utah Division of Water Rights authorizes a well to divert the Service Area’s water rights, it did so subject to the requirement that a totalizing water meter be functioning on the well, which is also a requirement under Utah Code Ann. § 73-5-4 and Section 13.3 of the Service Area’s water service regulation. Section 13.9 of the Service Area’s water service regulation further provides that compliance with these requirements is an “express condition that must be satisfied for an individual well and related lot to maintain a right to divert an allotment.”

The Service Area’s overall water system including private wells on the Service Area’s water rights are monitored via a meter providing an electronically transmitted reading. This technology also allows for the property owner to monitor their water usage and may be set-up to alert you of any leaks via the Eye on Water app. For more information about Eye on Water please click here.

Please click here to read the Service Area's Water Service Regulation Resolution No. 2023-10 effective November 7, 2023.

Click here to read the Service Area's 2023 water use report for residential connections. This water use data is for lots on the connected water system in the lower Silver Creek district which includes plats D, E, F, G, H and I. This is an estimate based on data from 2020, 2021 and 2022 as measured by customer's water meters. This does not include water use for the upper lots, plats A, B, C that are on wells.

What if I need more water than what my lot is allocated?

The Service Area does not have additional water rights to serve the need of more than the current allocation per lot. However, the Service Area does have a dedication policy that would allow a property owner to dedicate water rights to the Service Area to increase their allocation. Any water right would need to originate in Snyderville Basin and meet the requirements of the dedication policy. Currently there is limited availability of water rights that are extremely difficult to find. Please contact the office for more information.

What if I am diverting and using water rights the Service Area does not own? 

The Service Area is only responsible for wells that are authorized to divert water rights it owns. If you own a well that is diverting and using water rights the Service Area does not own, you are not subject to the Service Area’s metering requirements and fees. You must still abide by state law and install a totalizing meter.

Please note, however, that there are some wells in Upper Silver Creek that are approved to divert and use both Service Area water rights and private water rights the Service Area does not own. Even if you are only using a privately owned water right, your well will be subject to the Service Area’s jurisdiction and to the conditions of its water rights if your well is an approved point of diversion for the Service Area’s water rights. 

Please click here to read the Snyderville and Park City Groundwater Management Plan that was adopted on September 9, 2019.