Final Vision and Strategic Plan

What is a visioning plan?

A Vision and Strategic Plan is a compass for future decisions and plans. It is community built, long-term, aspirational, and flexible. Our Summit created a plan that will evolve alongside Summit County's changing needs while ensuring the county continues to make progress towards community-identified, long-term goals.  

How was the vision created? 

The Vision and Strategic Plan builds upon previous planning efforts and was shaped by community members who participated in the process. Before Our Summit, Summit County's most recent visioning efforts were tied to the Eastern Summit County General Plan (2013) and the Snyderville Basin General Plan (2015). Our Summit aimed to identify a vision for the whole county while respecting the unique characteristics of each community. 

Why is the community vision important? 

The goal of Our Summit was to create a cohesive vision and strategic plan to help guide the future of Summit County for the next 20 years. The community-crafted Vision and Strategic Plan is something the county can return to when faced with decisions regarding future challenges and opportunities.