Welcome to the Summit County Treasurer’s Office

We are pleased to help the citizens, taxpayers, and stakeholders of Summit County with their property tax information and payment needs. We welcome your comments and suggestions, so please email us.

Upcoming Property Tax Dates:

  • September 1, 2021: Deadline for 2021 Tax Relief Applications
  • November 30, 2021: 2021 Property Taxes Due
  • December 31: Final Deadline for 2021 Tax Relief Applications
  • January 31, 2022: Due Date for 2021 taxes to avoid additional penalties & interest.
  • February 1, 2022: 1.5% Penalty Added & Interest Begins to Accrue

Pay Property Taxes:

What does the Treasurer do?

Collect Property Taxes: The Summit County Treasurer is responsible for the collection, distribution, and reconciliation of property taxes levied by all of the taxing entities in Summit County.

 Manage Summit County Funds: The Treasurer is responsible for the banking, reconciliation, management, and investment of all Summit County funds. Cash management and investment duties are performed in accordance with the Utah Money Management Act.