Administration / County Manager

The County Manager is Chief Executive Officer managing the day-to-day affairs of Summit County. The Manager provides visionary innovative leadership, supervision, coordination and general direction for the county and all department heads.

The Manager performs all related duties and responsibilities as required and as they may vary, depending on the long- and short-term needs of the county.


The Manager works closely with the County Council and public, private and community organizations, to develop and implement programs to achieve county priorities. They work together to solve community problems, prepare analyses and recommendations on public policy issues and long-range plans for the county, and develop and coordinate proposals for action on current and future county needs. The Manager is responsible for assessing community and citizen needs and ensuring objectives and priorities are focused on meeting those needs effectively, efficiently and with high quality service.

Chief Financial Officer 

The County Manager acts as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The responsibilities of the CFO include direction of the development, monitoring, and administration of the county budget and county finances. The CFO also approves all purchases and expenditures and capital programs and oversees development, planning, and implementation of a strategic plan, goals, and objectives to meet the operational needs of the county.

Department Work

The Manager plans, organizes, coordinates and directs, through managers and administrative staff, the work of the Community Development Department, Health Department, Information Technology, Library System, Personnel, and Public Works Department, functional areas and other programs of the county.

County Council 

The Manager attends all council meetings and presents information and recommendations deemed necessary or as requested by members of the council. He is in charge of appointing persons to fill positions on boards, committees, or similar bodies with the advice and consent of the County Council.