Single Event Licensing(Alcohol) &  Event Licensing(Vendors)

DABC Single Event License allows the sale of alcohol for consumption at a special event in open containers not to exceed one liter. A license is also required from the State of Utah through the DABC.

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Required Material Single Event License

Contact the DABC 801.977.6800, review their licensing requirements and get on their agenda
Obtain a local consent form from the DABC. You will be asked to upload this from during the application process.
All new licenses require consent from all applicable County Departments. If approved we will send the local consent form to the DABC

DABC Single Event License Types & Fees
Single Event (alcohol or wine)$125
Temporary Beer Event 1-5 days$125
Temporary Beer Event 6+ days$300

Any person or entity who wishes to sponsor an event, whether ongoing in duration, or as a temporary event at which there is one or more vendors, shall be required to obtain an event business license.

Begin this process at least 45 days before the event
If alcohol will be present, additionally submit a Single Event Alcohol License Application
Obtain any additional permits required by planning and health departments


License Types & Fees
Temporary License  1 Vendor, 5 days or less$100
Small Event License  5 vendors or less, 3 days or less$500
Mass Single Event, Category A 6-15 Vendors, 3 days or less$1,000
Mass Single Event, Category B 16-50 Vendors, 3 days or less$2,000
Mass Single Event, Category C 51-100 Vendors, 3 days or less$3,000
Mass Ongoing Event, Category D  6-15 Vendors, more than 3 days or a recurring event$1,500
Mass Ongoing Event, Category E 16-50 Vendors, more than 3 days or a recurring event$2,500
Mass Ongoing Event, Category F 51-100 Vendors, more than 3 days or a recurring event$3,500