Emergency Management

Emergency Manager

Emergency Manager: Kathryn McMullin 435.333.1561

Emergency management coordinates all functions of the public and private sector to prepare for and respond effectively to natural or man-made emergency conditions. Summit County communities are at seasonal risk of emergency events from wildfires, flooding, severe winter storms, drought and animal and human health epidemics. With two major interstate highways and a railroad crossing the County, we are also subject to hazardous materials spills. Emergency management conducts detailed risk assessments of those hazards and assists our public and private partners to prepare for and addresses those hazards. We do this through the development and exercise of emergency response and communications plan, policies and practices.


Thank you for supporting community resiliency. CERT is an important step in our ability to prepare and recover from a disaster.

The Summit County CERT program now offers a hybrid learning experience. Courses are taught on-line through the University of Utah supported by three evenings of live, hands-on classroom training at the Summit County Health Department.

Cost is $35.00 and includes all course materials, instructors, equipment, on-line access, a CERT backpack and personal protection equipment.

Backpacks and personal protective equipment will be distributed at the first Hands-On Training Session. 

Classroom Session has been postponed - Date TBD

Online Access: Start anytime!

Register Today for our CERT Team.


Emergency Services in Summit County

Park City Fire District
North Summit Fire District
South Summit Fire District: 435-783-5506
Summit County Search and Rescue
Summit County Sheriff’s Office
Hazard Maps
Earthquake Map - Summit County
Wildland Fire Map - Summit County (PDF)
Floodplain Map - Summit County (PDF)


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