Snyderville Basin Planning District

Park City Tech Center Proposed Modifications

Summit County has received an application to revise the Park City Tech Center (Skull Candy Building, Hugo Coffee/Visitors Brueau) Development Agreement. 

The proposal includes concepts for housing, hotels, and a gondola connecting Kimball Junction to the Utah Olympic Park.

Public meetings regarding the proposal will be scheduled soon.

Link: See the conceptual brochure

Link: Original Development Agreement (2008)

Link: Development Agreement Amendment (2015)

Snyderville Basin Dark Sky Ordinance

The Summit County Council recently adopted new lighting regulations for the Snyderville Basin area. The purpose of the new standards is to:

  1. Balance the environmental and sustainability goals set forth in the Snyderville Basin General Plan with the need to provide safe lighting practices. 
  2. Minimize light pollution for the enjoyment of the Snyderville Basin’s residents and visitors. 
  3. Prevent the degradation of the nighttime visual environment by production of unsightly and dangerous glare; 
  4. Create lighting practices that promote the health and safety of the Snyderville Basin’s residents and visitors; 
  5. Prevent unnecessary waste of energy and resources in the production of excessive light or wasted light; 
  6. Prevent interference in the use or enjoyment of property which is not intended to be illuminated at night and the loss of the scenic view of the night sky due to increased urban sky-glow and light trespass.

Link: Read the new Lighting Ordinance

Kimball Junction Neighborhood Plan Update

The Summit County Council recently updated the Kimball Junction Neighborhood Plan which is included as an element of the Snyderville Basin General Plan.

Link: Read the Approved Plan (PDF)

Planning Commission Agenda and Staff Reports

Agendas and Staff Reports for Planning Commission meetings are available online on the Friday preceding the meeting.

The Planning Commission meets regularly at 6:00 p.m. on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month.

Meetings are held at: 
Sheldon D. Richins County Services Building
(County Library)
1885 W. Ute Boulevard
Park City, UT 84098

Snyderville Basin Planning Commission 

The Snyderville Basin Planning Commission is made up of residents of the Snyderville Basin area of Summit County who serve three (3) year terms.

Some responsibilities of the Planning Commission include:

  1. Preparation of the Snyderville Basin General Plan.
  2. Review and make recommendations to the County Council regarding amendments to the Zoning Map;
  3. Review and make recommendations to the County Council regarding amendments to the Snyderville Basin Development Code;
  4. Hear, review, and approve or disapprove all applications for conditional uses, long term temporary uses, or subdivisions.

The current membership of the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission is listed below:

Member NameTerm EndsEmail
Thomas Cooke2020Email Thomas Cooke
Ryan Dickey - Vice Chair2021Email Ryan Dickey
Joel Fine2020Email Joel Fine
Canice Harte2020Email Canice Harte
John Kucera2021Email John Kucera
Crystal Simons2022Email Crystal Simons
Malena Stevens - Chair2022Email Malena Stevens

Snyderville Basin General Plan

The General Plan describes the "big picture" citizens envision for their community. Using the General Plan as a guide, the Development Code is written to regulate how new development and redevelopment of existing areas can be done so that, over time, the citizens' vision is realized.