About Us

The Summit County Children's Justice Center

Child-Friendly Facility - The center is designed to make children feel comfortable and safe when they are meeting with investigators and other team members about allegations of abuse.

Multi-disciplinary Team (MDT) - Professionals from several different agencies collaborate on each child's case. This team approach increases coordination among child protection and criminal justice agencies, allowing them to track a child's progress through the investigation, judicial process, and health care treatment.

Forensic Interviews - Specially trained professionals talk to children about the alleged abuse they have experienced. The goal is to minimize trauma to the child by reducing the number of times a child must talk about his or her experience.

Support Services - The center provides abused children and their families with referrals for support services, such as mental health therapy, medical care, and victim resources.

Professional Training - Multi-disciplinary team members receive ongoing training to ensure that children receive the most professional care possible.