DO's and DON'Ts of Talking To Your Child

DO talk to your children about their private parts and that their body belongs to THEM.

DO believe your child when they tell you something has happened to them.

DO ask "Has something happened to you that you want to tell me about?" Ask open ended questions, such as, "Tell me more about what happened...?"

DO have conversations about appropriate touching. Remember that sometimes touching feels good to a child so it can be confusing if you ask them about a "good" touch or a "bad" touch.

DON'T suggest that something may have happened to them if you suspect abuse. Asking questions such as, "Did Mr. Jones touch you?" is leading and can lead to false disclosures.

DON'T judge your child for their disclosure. It is NEVER their fault.

DON'T be afraid to consult with professionals if you are suspicious of someone possibly grooming your child.