Summit County Mission Statement

Provide excellent, ethical, efficient services that ensure quality of life for present and future generations.

Vision Statement

Summit County is a vital community that is renowned for its natural beauty, quality of life, economic diversity and supporting a healthy, prosperous culturally-diverse citizenry.


Regional Collaboration: 

Work with our federal, state, municipal and community partners.


Take action in a timely manner, meeting the needs our citizens.


Preserve our land, water, air and culture.


Motivate others to collaboratively achieve goals.

Strategic Effects

Number 1 Transportation and Congestion

The County will plan for and make improvements to our transportation system to reduce traffic congestion.

Number 2 Workforce Housing

The County will facilitate efforts to significantly decrease the deficit in workforce/affordable housing in order to have more community members who work and live in our County.

Number 3 Environmental Stewardship

Through environmental stewardship and leadership the County will implement plans and policies to secure, preserve and protect our water, land and air quality for the present and future.

Number 4 Refine County General Plans and Development Codes

The County will review and refine the General Plans and Development Codes focusing on improving and connecting the region's physical, natural, and economic environments and communities.

Number 5 Mental Health/Substance Abuse Issues

The County, in collaboration with the Board of Health and the Summit County Mental Wellness Alliance, will promote community awareness of mental wellness and substance abuse issues, and increased access to effective treatment and prevention services and programs within Summit County