County Fleet

Summit County Fleet

County policy is to purchase vehicles that minimize tailpipe emissions, optimize fuel economy, and meet the operational needs of the department(s).


  • Sharing vehicles cross departmentally is encouraged.
  • Implementation of these guidelines has increased overall fuel economy of the fleet, reduced tailpipe emissions and reduced the number of vehicles in the fleet that helps lower operating costs of the County fleet.

The Numbers:

  • County fleet has 2 plug-in electric vehicles (EV) and 2 hybrid electric vehicles.
  • Public Health Department has 1 dedicated CNG Honda Civic.
  • Public Works has 7 bi- fuel pick-up trucks that run primarily on CNG. They switch to gasoline only when CNG is depleted. This allows for greater distance and the flexibility to keep running if the vehicles stay on the east side of the County where CNG fuel is not available.
  • The Sheriff's Department has one bi-fuel (CNG/Gasoline) Tahoe and 3 hybrid vehicles.
  • County has installed EV chargers at the courthouse in Coalville and at the Richins building in Kimball Junction
  • Four more EV chargers and planned for installation at county facilities in 2019.
  • Five dual EV charging stations will be installed at Ecker Hill Park and Ride in 2019.

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CNG Refueling Dispenser at Bell's Sinclair Station at intersection of U.S. Hwy 40 and I-80