Summit county stormwater

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  • Looking for guidance documents on construction and long-term stormwater requirements? Refer to all the resources we have compiled on the left sidebar.

  • Want to learn about the importance of taking care of our our stormwater quality and easy ways to do so? Explore below!

Summit County Stormwater Logo 2023

Summit County Stormwater is the first line of defense for protecting water quality and quantity from stormwater runoff pollution. It is our pleasure to issue construction permits, inspect for compliance, and assist the public.

Stormwater is any precipitation that runs off onto streets, lawns, construction sites and other impervious surfaces. Stormwater is untreated and directly enters waterways and surface waters. Fertilizers, sediment, animal waste, oil and grease are only some of the pollutants that can contaminate runoff. The first inch of runoff from a storm generally carries 90% of the contaminants.

Stormwater Infographic

Graphic Credit: City of Steamboat Springs, Colorado.