Filming Information

The Special Events Office is the first point of connection between filmmakers and the County. We help navigate permits and procedures and connect productions with other county/local entities.

Our goal is to make filming in Summit County fast and easy for productions both big and small.

If you're planning a film or photo production click below to start your permit:

Film Permit

FILM PERMIT - $500 Application Fee


Activities related to the production of motion pictures, television programming, music and corporate videos, advertisements, and commercial still photography. Said activities include, but are not limited to, preparation, filming, strike time, and the ancillary functions accessory thereto. Exempt from permitting are filming associated with: a) news coverage, b) for use in criminal investigations or civil proceedings, c) for personal purposes such as home videos, wedding photography, or still family photo shoots, d) student filming, e) filming for use by a government, school district, or religious organization, or f) filming activities for use at a film studio, where film activities are the sole purpose of the establishment.

Filming Activities

: Regardless of the number of persons assembled or the impact on streets and roads, all filming activities are considered a level three special event and must be granted a special event permit. Any filming activities undertaken by any business or corporation must first obtain a Commercial Business License.

*Corporations falling under the provisions of the Special Event/ Film Permit or who are specifically in filmmaking or promotions on public or private property must, as a provision of their permit, provide proof of insurance, shooting schedule or schedule of events, produce written permission of property owners, and provide access to any set or site for purposes of code enforcement and for law enforcement to ensure public health, safety and welfare.