Be Idle Free

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During the winter months Salt Lake City has some of the worst air quality in the nation. Just as Summit County residents and visitors move across the county boundaries so does the particulate matter that makes up the dangerous air pollution in the valley. We're responsible for generating the same pollution up here, we just don't see the same accumulation yet due to our different geographic and climatic conditions.

Let's keep our mountain air clean and healthy! Please reduce idling your vehicle and encourage others to reduce their idling times as well.

Explore the tabs below to read more about the Summit County ordinance and how you can help to keep our air pristine.

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Summit County Ordinance Number 786-A An Ordinance Amending Title 6, Chapter 4, Vehicle Idling, of Summit County Code Approved June 3, 2015 Please click the image to read the ordinance in its entirety.

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