RAP - Cultural Tax Grant

Funding for the RAP – Cultural Grant is provided by a special sales tax initiative approved by the Utah State Legislature. This allows 0.1% of sales tax within the County to be spent on arts and recreation opportunities within the County. Eligible applicants for the 2019 Cultural Grant must be from a 501(c)(3) and registered with the State of Utah or a municipal or county cultural council, such as Summit County/Park City Arts Council. Eligible disciplines include Arts Education, Dance, History, Music, Visual Arts, Theatre, Folk Arts, and other pursuits.

The RAP – Cultural Grant Committee is comprised of the following individuals:

Name & Position
Email Phone
Melissa Marsted - Secretary
Email Melissa Marsted
Connie Nelson - Vice Chair
Email Connie Nelson
Kirstie Rosenfield Email Kirstie Rosenfield
Ben Castro - Chair
Email Ben Castro
Loralie Pearce Email Loralie Pearce
Judy Horwitz
Email Judy Horwitz
Amy Yost Email Amy Yost
Anita Lewis – Ex officio Email Anita Lewis

The following web-links provide the necessary documents and detailed information necessary for applying for the RAP Cultural Grant:

How to Apply

  1. Save your application and supporting documents into one PDF file.
  2. Name the file as follows: "2019 RAP - <your organization's name>".
  3. Submit the one, consolidated file using the "Upload RAP Cultural Application" button below. THERE IS NO SIZE LIMIT TO THE FILE.
  4. Retain confirmation email for your records.