Truth In Taxation

Summit County Faces an Important Decision

Summit County is recommending a property tax revenue increase. This recommendation triggers a state-mandated "Truth in Taxation" process which encourages transparency and provides an opportunity for residents to comment on the proposal. The County Council makes the final decision.

The Problem: County property tax revenue is no longer sufficient to meet the essential and growing needs of our community.

  • Inflation has drastically reduced our purchasing power.
  • Population growth has slowed and residential/commercial permits are down.
  • Budget expenditures have grown to meet increased community needs/demands, slowed growth, and increased demand for services have created an imbalance in the General and Municipals funds which support basic services including law enforcement, ambulance, public health and the library.

The Solution: County staff is recommending a $4.1 million increase to the Municipal and General funds.

  • This increase will allow the County to address the impacts of inflation and maintain expected levels of service in the community.
  • The Municipal and General funds support basic service and programs including law enforcement, ambulance, public health, snow plow services, and the library.
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Risk of Not Acting: Without an increase, the County will be required to cut programs and services in order to adopt a balanced budget.

Impact on Property Owners: This increase translates to a 5.5-7% increase on resident's property tax bill.

Average Increase

How to Find Your Taxable Home Value

Utah Taxpayers Association Statement on Summit County Truth in Taxation Process


Learn More and Comment: Residents are encouraged to learn about and/or comment on the proposed increase at an upcoming public meeting or public hearing.

Public Meeting Public Hearing Public Hearing
October 11, 2017 December 6, 2017 December 13, 2017
County Courthouse, Coalville Sheldon Richins Building, Kimball Junction County Courthouse, Coalville

The Summit County Council will vote on the recommended increase.

County Council Contact Information

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