Truth In Taxation

Residents are encouraged to learn about and/or comment on the proposed increase at an upcoming public meeting or public hearing.

Public Hearing Location Date Zoom Link Notice
Richins Building, Kimball Junction December 6, 2023  ZOOM 12/6 Notice
Ledges Event Center, Coalville December 13, 2023 ZOOM 12/3 Notice

Summit County Faces an Important Decision

Truth in Taxation is a public hearing process that allows residents to learn about and comment on the County’s proposal to increase property tax revenues. The County Council makes the final decision.

With the exception of new growth, a taxing authority may not receive more property tax revenues than what was received the prior year. The property tax calculation does not consider inflation or other increases in providing services.

The Utah Taxpayers Association recommends that taxing entities address inflation by going through this process every five to eight years. Summit County last went through the Truth in Taxation process in 2017. Other special service districts in the County, such as Service Area #6 have not gone through the process since 2013.

The Problem: County property tax revenue does not meet our community's essential and growing needs.

  • Inflation has drastically reduced our purchasing power.
  • Budget expenditures have grown to meet increased community needs, growth, and increased demand for services. This has created an imbalance in the General, Municipal, and Assessing & Collecting funds that support basic services like law enforcement, emergency medical services (ambulance), road maintenance, and snow removal.

A Potential Solution: increase tax revenues by $5.45 million to fund routine operations

  • This increase will allow the County to address the impacts of inflation and maintain expected levels of service in the community.
  • Municipal, General, and Assessing & Collecting funds support basic services and programs including law enforcement, emergency medical services (ambulance), road maintenance, snow plow services, and the library.
EntityIncreasePrimary Residence ValueAnnual taxpayer increase
General Fund15.64%$1,352,000$45.49
Assessing & Collecting37.52%
South Summit Fire182.7%$763,000$216.96
Service Area #320.8%$1,000,000$79.20
Service Area #669.37%$1,216,000$91.39
North Summit Rec70.5%$785,000$18.57
Municipal Services5.94%$1,198,000$12.02

General Rate tax comparisons across counties in Utah.

Top 5Rate
Emery County
Daggett County0.003050
Millard County0.002895
San Juan County0.002764
Sevier County0.002551
Bottom 5Rates
Iron County0.000837
Utah County0.000656
Washington County0.000493
Rich County0.000479
Summit County0.000391

County Council Contact Information

  1. Roger Armstrong

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    Malena Stevens

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    Chris Robinson

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    Tonia Hansen

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    Canice Harte

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