Public Art Projects

The Future is Now Tunnel Mural Project

A youth engagement public art project produced by the Summit County Public Art Advisory Board, Park City Summit County Arts Council, and Basin Recreation.

Beginning in 2016 the Summit County Public Art Advisory Board in partnership with the PCSC Arts Council and Basin Recreation began to explore ways to engage local youth in a public art project. The result is The Future is Now which was designed to engage local young people in the creation of an interactive street art mural in the tunnel under Highway 224 -- a literal and figurative connection point for the Park City community.

The partners put out a Call for Artists in December 2017, and made their final selection in March 2018. The selected artist for the project is Bisco Smith, an American visual artist with roots in music, graffiti, and street art currently residing in Queens, NY and operating studios in both Los Angeles and New York City. He has created similar works in the Middle East, NYC, and LA.

Youth engagement was an imperative element to the project's success. The goal was to create a positive outlet for a diverse group of young people to work together, express themselves, and collectively create a vision of the future.

To achieve this goal, the partners have developed a series of Creative Workshops planned for May 9 & 10, 2018 from 5:30 to 7:30pm at Skullcandy HQ in Kimball Junction. These workshops were open to all Summit County youth between the ages of 11 to 17.

The workshops offered a unique opportunity for Summit County youth to work with an internationally-known street artist to create a work of art with meaning. Youth participants will be invited to express their voices and creativity while collaborating, conceptualizing, and executing a mural that reflects their vision of community, illustration their hopes for the future.

Workshop participants came together the following weekend to help Bisco Smith produce the mural. They shared their hopes for the future on the mural, which will now live on for years to come. The words and phrases displayed on the wall all present a hopeful, positive view for the future. Special thanks to the Summit County RAP Tax Grant Board and Park City Sunrise Rotary for helping make this project come to life.

Hoytsville Historical Mural

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