RAP - Recreation

Funding for the RAP – Recreation Grant is provided by a special sales tax initiative approved by the Utah State Legislature. This allows 0.1% of sales tax within the County to be spent on arts and recreation opportunities within the County. The term “recreational facility” is defined in Utah Code § 59-12-702 (8) to mean “a publicly owned or operated park, campground, marina, dock, golf course, playground, athletic field, gymnasium, swimming pool, trail system, or other facility used for recreational purposes.” The grant fund application specifies that “[o]nly publicly owned or operated parks, campgrounds, marinas, docks, golf courses, playgrounds, athletic fields, gymnasiums, swimming pools, trail systems or other facilities used for recreational purposes qualify for funding with RAP/Recreation taxes.”

The online application will be available September 1, closing September 30th, 2023, at 5:00 PM

The RAP – Recreation Grant Committee is comprised of the following individuals:

Name & Position
Ian Hartley
Amy Yost - Chair
Leonard McGee
Breke Harnagel - Vice Chair
Jessica Kirby jkirby@summitcounty.org    
Keren Mazanec - Secretary
David Darcey
Amy Jones - Admin Staff
The following web-links provide the necessary documents and detailed information necessary for applying for the RAP Recreation Grant:

How to submit your report:

  1. Save your application and supporting documents into one PDF file.
  2. Name the file your agreement number as follows: 2021 RAP-XX-21.
  3. Submit the one, consolidated file using the "Upload RAP Recreation Reporting" button below. THERE IS NO SIZE LIMIT TO THE FILE.
  4. Retain confirmation email for your records.