Wednesday, June 5, 2019

NOTICE is hereby given that the Summit County Council will meet in session

Wednesday, June 5, 2019, at the

Sheldon Richins Building, 1885 West Ute Blvd, Park City, UT 84098

(All times listed are general in nature, and are subject to change by the Council Chair)

1:40 PM
Closed Session – Litigation (60 min); Property acquisition (30 min)

3:10 PM – Move to auditorium

3:20 PM Work Session

1) Pledge of Allegiance

2) 3:25 PM - Discussion regarding proposed South Summit School District bond; Superintendent Sorenson (20 min)   Information

3) 3:45 PM - Updates on HB411 and 100% renewable for County operations, and discuss next steps; Lisa Yoder (45 min)   Staff Report

4) 4:30 PM - Discuss recommendations of the Summit County Recreation Arts and Parks (RAP Tax Cultural) Committee; Ben Castro (20 min)     RAP Tax Recommendations

5) 4:50 PM - Discuss recommendations of the Summit County Restaurant Tax Committee; Jodie Rogers (20 min)    Restaurant Tax Recommendations

5:10 PM Convene as the Governing Board of Snyderville Basin Special Recreation District

1) Discussion and possible approval of the First Amendment to Temporary Access and Storage Easement, Silver Creek Village Parcel Numbers SCVC-1 and SCVC-2-1; Brian Hanton and Scott MacRitchie (10 min)   Staff Report

Dismiss as the Governing Board of Snyderville Basin Special Recreation District

5:20 PM Consideration of Approval

1) Consideration and possible amendment of Summit County Employee Chart of Positions – Health Department; Rich Bullough and Brian Bellamy   Staff Report

2) Council Comments

3) Manager Comments

4) Council Minutes dated May 22, 2019

6:00 PM Public Input

6:30 PM - Public hearing regarding potential amendments to the Kimball Junction Neighborhood Plan, and possible approval of Ordinance No. 899 Amending the Snyderville Basin General Plan; Pat Putt    Staff Report and Ordinance No. 899

One or more members of the County Council may attend by electronic means, including telephonically or by Skype. Such members may fully participate in the proceedings as if physically present. The anchor location for purposes of the electronic meeting is the Sheldon Richins Building auditorium, 1885 W. Ute Blvd., Park City, Utah

Individuals with questions, comments, or needing special accommodations pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act regarding this meeting may contact Annette Singleton at (435) 336-3025, (435) 615-3025 or (435) 783-4351 ext. 3025

Posted: May 31, 2019