How do I charge my EV?

While every vehicle and charger are slightly different, the basic steps remain the same. 

  • Unlock the charging station with the correct app, RFID card, or code. Some stations will not require this step. 
  • If the charging station offers multiple plug types, find the one that will fit your vehicle.
  • Insert plug into the receiver on your vehicle. You may need to open the charging port door first.
  • Make sure your vehicle accepts the charge. Usually there is a green light or message on the dashboard or display that will confirm this. 
  • Remove the plug and place it back on the charger when you are ready to leave or you have reached a full charge.
  • For an example of charging with a ChargePoint brand station, click here.

Note that some charging stations are available to use for a fee, and others are available to use at no cost. This setup will often influence the required steps to start a charge.

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