I don’t know where to begin, but want to get started with professional help.

If your property uses natural gas, request a home energy assessment from Dominion Energy. A home energy auditor will come to your place and evaluate which upgrades are best, and which incentives are available from Dominion Energy. Sign up here. Dominion Energy’s energy efficiency program is called “Thermwise”.

You can also request a virtual home energy assessment and get instant rebates from Rocky Mountain Power. Sign up here. Rocky Mountain Power’s energy efficiency program is called “Wattsmart”.

Do you own a commercial property? Rocky Mountain Power’s Find and Fix program is for you. Find out more information here. Call 1-888-805-7231 to get going. In addition, here is a list of rebates available from Dominion.

In general, folks tend to be eager to install solar panels, but investing in energy efficiency is where you can often find the biggest bang for your buck. Right now you can save thousands of dollars on energy efficiency projects. 

Both Rocky Mountain Power and Dominion Energy partner with local contractors to get rebates and incentives in the hands of homeowners and renters. Consider using Rocky Mountain Power’s Trade Ally and Dominion Energy’s Authorized Contractor lists to find contractors, and make sure to ask any professionals you work with to help you apply for incentives and rebates.

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1. I want something cheap and easy to do this weekend.
2. I don’t know where to begin, but want to get started with professional help.
3. What are more of the big upgrades I should go after?
4. Improve your insulation.
5. What rebates can I get?
6. I know which upgrades I want to do, would like to find out more about financing options.
7. I’m interested in saving water this summer. What rebates can I get?
8. Can I get help paying my utility bills?