What rebates can I get?


ThermWise for natural gas users (Dominion Energy)

 Wattsmart for electricity users (Rocky Mountain Power)

 Federal tax credits for heating & cooling, water heating, insulation, windows, clean energy, and more. You can even claim a tax credit for upgrading your electric panel which helps make your home ready for electric appliances.


The Utah State’s Department of Environmental Quality offers an incentive to cover up to 50% of EV charging equipment installation at commercial properties. 

Additional incentives may be available from Rocky Mountain Power, contact Leaders for Clean Air today.

Installing a level 2 charger at your home? Rocky Mountain Power has an incentive for residential charger installations


Incentives to swap your turf for more water wise landscaping are available now:

  • Summit County, Snyderville Basin residents are eligible for the State’s Landscape incentive ($3/sf). Learn more here.
  • Park City residents are eligible for the City’s Landscape incentive. Learn more here.

Utah Water Savers and Weber Basin Water Conservancy District list many of the water conservation incentives that are available throughout the State.

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5. What rebates can I get?
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