I know which upgrades I want to do, would like to find out more about financing options.

Utah Clean Energy has created a great site for Utah homes.

Income qualified homeowners and renters should check out the Weatherization Assistance Program for potential low and no-cost insulation upgrades.

In addition, this resource from The White House can help you figure out which incentives are for you.

For commercial properties, the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency® (DSIRE) website is a regularly updated clearinghouse of all available incentives for energy efficiency and renewables.

Summit County and Park City are two of several Utah communities to enable Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE). Developers and building owners pursuing new construction and renovation projects can consider utilizing C-PACE to advance energy improvements in commercial, industrial, and qualifying multifamily buildings. C-PACE is a voluntary innovative financing mechanism for building improvements that result in enhanced energy performance over the lifetime of a building. Eligible improvements include efficient mechanical systems, installation of renewable energy systems, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, water conservation projects and more. To learn more about C-PACE visit: utahcpace.com

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1. I want something cheap and easy to do this weekend.
2. I don’t know where to begin, but want to get started with professional help.
3. What are more of the big upgrades I should go after?
4. Improve your insulation.
5. What rebates can I get?
6. I know which upgrades I want to do, would like to find out more about financing options.
7. I’m interested in saving water this summer. What rebates can I get?
8. Can I get help paying my utility bills?