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1. How Do I File an Appeal?
2. I Didn't Receive a 2019 "Notice of Property Valuation and Tax Changes?"
3. My Primary Residence is listed as a Secondary Residence. How Do I Appeal that Determination?
4. I Feel The Assessed Value Of My Property Is Incorrect – What Do I Need To Do To Appeal?
5. When Can I Expect A Decision On My Appeal?
6. I Filed An Appeal On Behalf Of The Property Owner And As Such Would I Receive A Copy Of The Decision?
7. I Haven’t Received A “Notice Of Decision” And My Property Taxes Are Due?
8. I Was Out-Of-Town During The Appeal Window – Can I Still File An Appeal?
9. I Faxed Or E-Mailed My Appeal To You And You Didn’t Receive It – What Can I Do?